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Some people go to Hollywood to chase their dream.

My Hollywood dream is in seat 4A.

After the stunt my ex pulled, no one would blame me if I swore off men forever, especially one like Mr Jay Anderson, Hollywood’s sexiest heartthrob.

Maybe undressing me with his striking blue eyes as I perform the safety demonstration on a flight to LA is normal behaviour for him.

Maybe not.

But I know one thing for sure, he should come with a warning label. Because once you meet a man like Jay Anderson, there is no going back.

With his dirty blonde hair and those eyes; he’s a beautiful, X-rated fairy-tale.

But beauty is a magnificent smokescreen. And a fairy-tale is just that… a tale.

It’s never as simple as happily ever after,

not when you’re meeting Mr Anderson.


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Jaxon King is a work of art—beautiful, unique… priceless.

I meet him when he admires my artwork at a hotel opening.

He’s older, sophisticated… a gentleman.

At least he is with his clothes on.

Out of them… well, that’s a masterpiece in itself.

But even a connection as strong as ours means nothing once the champagne wears off.

A promise to call me.

Then… nothing.

When he turns up as my new boss on the biggest project of my career, I try my hardest to turn the page and leave him in the past.

Only, he isn’t a memory I can simply erase.

No matter how hard I try.

We have this pull to one another… two colours that merge and create something heavenly.

But he screws up the paper and leaves me crumpled… torn.

Maybe it’s all an illusion and I should erase him from my heart once and for all?

If only we could draw our own path through life.

Start over.

But it’s never as simple as erasing the past, not when you’re drawn to Mr. King.

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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never sold their worn panties.

Selling every pair to an anonymous buyer whilst working as a long-haul flight attendant means my lifelong dream is in reach.

A home to call my own.

It’s so close I can almost feel that front door key in my hand.

Until a giant ego in an overpriced suit steals that dream.

He’s smug, cocky, infuriating…

everything I hate.

I do what I must.

I declare war.

But no one ever truly wins on the battlefield.

There will be casualties.

He believes he has me.

I think I know him.

We are both wrong.

It soon becomes clear that discovering who we are to each other isn’t as straightforward as X marks the spot.


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There are men. And then there’s Blake Anderson.

He was my best friend.

Until I left.

Ten years apart have turned him into a handsome, rugged, tattooed wall of muscle.

He even has his own fan club, following the success of his smash-hit TV survival show.

They call him Mr. Wild.

One night he shows me just how wild.

For a moment, I almost believe in magic again.


But those years away have changed me too.

I’m not the girl he once knew.

I thought escaping my past would stop me from feeling trapped.

What if being captured by Mr. Wild is the only thing that can set me free?


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