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Some people go to Hollywood to chase their dream.

My Hollywood dream is in seat 4A.

After the stunt my ex pulled, no one would blame me if I swore off men forever, especially one like Mr Jay Anderson, Hollywood’s sexiest heartthrob.

Maybe undressing me with his striking blue eyes as I perform the safety demonstration on a flight to LA is normal behaviour for him.

Maybe not.

But I know one thing for sure, he should come with a warning label. Because once you meet a man like Jay Anderson, there is no going back.

With his dirty blonde hair and those eyes; he’s a beautiful, X-rated fairy-tale.

But beauty is a magnificent smokescreen. And a fairy-tale is just that… a tale.

It’s never as simple as happily ever after,

not when you’re meeting Mr Anderson.


Available Now
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

Jaxon King is a work of art—beautiful, unique… priceless.

I meet him when he admires my artwork at a hotel opening.

He’s older, sophisticated… a gentleman.

At least he is with his clothes on.

Out of them… well, that’s a masterpiece in itself.

But even a connection as strong as ours means nothing once the champagne wears off.

A promise to call me.

Then… nothing.

When he turns up as my new boss on the biggest project of my career, I try my hardest to turn the page and leave him in the past.

Only, he isn’t a memory I can simply erase.

No matter how hard I try.

We have this pull to one another… two colours that merge and create something heavenly.

But he screws up the paper and leaves me crumpled… torn.

Maybe it’s all an illusion and I should erase him from my heart once and for all?

If only we could draw our own path through life.

Start over.

But it’s never as simple as erasing the past, not when you’re drawn to Mr. King.

Pleasing Mr Parker

Pleasing Mr. Parker Ebook.jpg

Available Now
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

“You are mine, Sweetheart. You were always going to be mine.”

They say don’t mix business with pleasure. But I bet they never had to work with Griffin Parker.

He headhunts me to manage the spa in his iconic New York hotel,

The Songbird.

It’s a dream opportunity.

But he’s a nightmare in a designer suit.

We clash spectacularly when he refuses to give up control.

He doesn’t trust me. I don’t like him.

Until one day we manage to work together, and an idea grows wings.

And the things he says…

Oh God.

I’ve spent my life fighting back against the repercussions of pleasing other people. Yet, I find myself doing exactly that.

Because when Mr. Parker is pleased with you the rest of the world drifts away.

He tells me I belong to him. But he doesn’t tell me if I will survive him.

No one can tell me that.

He didn’t get to be one of the most powerful businessmen in New York easily.

He has enemies.

I’m flying straight into a storm.

And I don’t even want to stop myself.


What to Expect: A billionaire alpha bosshole, the beautiful New York City, glamor, money, diamonds, filthy talking hero, praise, secrets and lies, tropical getaways, friendships, groveling, pigeons, and a happily ever after, because love always wins.


Time with Mr. Silver

Time with Mr Silver Ebook.jpg

Available Now
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

“Whoever said time heals… lied.

And the man I’m stuck working for might be the biggest liar of them all.”


After my actions wreck my family they send me to England, hoping the space will enable me to forgive myself and embrace life again.

But the man I start working for is far from a savior.


Dax Silver, head of the UK’s largest gin distillery, is as captivating as he is intense, his skin covered in ink, his eyes stained with secrets.

I can tell by the condescending way he calls me ‘Sunbeam’ that he wants me to keep my distance.


A warning.


Because I’m not the only one who’s become accustomed to living in the shadows.

And as much as he tries to hide it, I see him.

His tattoos may cover his external scars.

But it’s his internal ones I recognize—ugly and poisonous, like mine.

It’s like looking at a reflection—and neither side can exist without the other.


Maybe this is where I’m destined to be—a salvation.

Or maybe it’s all an illusion, a trick of the light.


Only time with Mr. Silver will reveal the truth.


What to expect – Lies and secrets, suspense, hard truths, silver linings, clouds, memories, mirrors, revenge, forgiveness, self-acceptance, sunrises, balloons, and the promise of another’s heart for infinity, because love always wins.

Discovering Mr. X Ebook.jpg


Available Now
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

I gave a stranger some advice that changed his life… 18months later he’s back, determined to change mine.


I’m a flight attendant who sells my worn stockings to the highest bidder.

The mysterious Mr. X insists on being my only client and pays generously for the privilege.

And soon I’ve saved enough to make my lifelong dream come true.

A home of my own.

Until a giant ego in a designer suit steals it.

He’s smug, arrogant, infuriating…

And completely gorgeous.

He claims he feels bad about taking my dream house. So he offers to find me another.

Then he turns up to help paint it… shirtless.

Even my pet house rabbit starts to like him.

But I can’t let myself fall for him.

I don’t do love.

And I certainly don’t do rich CEOs who seem to know a lot about me… do I?



What to expect: enemies to lovers (her), pining (him), a cute house rabbit, a side business that causes a lot of drama, angst, spice, banter, a man who fell the moment he saw her… even if she doesn’t remember him, and a happy ever after, because love always wins.


Captured by Mr_edited_edited.jpg

Available Now
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

There are men. And then there’s Blake Anderson.


I was a seventeen-year-old girl with hopes and dreams in her eyes.

He was my best friend, capturing those precious summers together at the lake with his beloved camera.

 Until everything fell apart.

 Ten years after I left without a goodbye, I’m back.

 But the sweet teenage boy I remember is gone, and in his place, a handsome, rugged, tattooed wall of muscle.

 Blake even has his own fan club, following the success of his TV survival show.

 They call him Mr. Wild.

 One explosive night of breathless confessions shows me how different things could have been.

 For the first time I have hope again.

But a wild ride can easily end in a crash when your past catches up with you. 

 Blake captured a girl with the world at her feet with his camera all those years ago.

I hope he still sees her in me when he finds out who I’ve become.


What to expect - friends to lovers, emotion, muscles, dirt, tattoos, gray sweatpants, wilderness, al-fresco 'scenes', self-discovery, a beautiful Labrador, and of course, a happy ever after, because love always wins.

Trapped with Mr Walker

Trapped with Mr. Walker Ebook.jpg

Available Now
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

“You need to understand something, Angel. Once you let me touch you, there’s no going back.”

Reed Walker, notorious playboy is running for New York Mayor.

He wants to deflect attention away from his less than wholesome image. The past has no place when you’re trying to win the people’s vote.

So he propositions me.

Pretend to be his girlfriend until election day. Help him to look dependable, trustworthy, loving; someone people can relate to.

It should be easy. I’ve spent years playing a role. What’s one more?

But slowly I begin to glimpse the man beneath the suit and perfect smile.

And what I discover takes my breath away.

There is more to Reed Walker than I ever dreamed.

Good and bad.

Light and dark.

Everything I know is reversed.

And suddenly I’m forced into making the hardest decision of my life.

And his.

I thought I knew what I wanted.

But I never factored in getting trapped with Mr. Walker.


What to expect – Suits, spice, scandal, singing, pink fluff, houseplants, sloths, letting go of the past, healing, forgiveness, trusting your instincts, redemption, a love so deep it makes your eyes water, and of course, a happily ever after because love always wins.


Resisting Mr. Rich

Resisting Mr. Rich Ebook.jpg

Available 12th October 2023
on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

I’d never swipe right for Logan Rich.

I’d rather swipe him off a tall building.


Nothing gives me the ick more than the name Logan Rich.

The billionaire dating app addict is my brother’s best friend.

He’s also a selfish man-child who single-handedly tore my life apart when I was a teenager.

So, when my boss at the magazine I work for decides I am to travel Italy with him while he works on his evolutionary new bio-fuel engine, I consider quitting on the spot.


The business world may see him as an expert in his field, but I’m not fooled.

Logan Rich is as fake as the usernames on his precious dating app.

One night on our trip I scream at him, telling him how much I hate him,

then we almost break the hotel furniture as he makes me scream out his name on top of it.

I don’t know how it happens, only that it must never happen again.

But it does…

Again and again.

Day by day my resistance to him weakens.

But I need to remember that Logan is the master of manipulating a situation to his advantage.

I won’t let him tear me apart again.

Anything that happens in Italy needs to stay in Italy.


I came for one thing; to prove to my boss I deserve a promotion.

Now I need to prove to myself that I can resist Mr. Rich.


What to expect – Banter, nicknames, hate ‘coupling’, a heroine with a love of reading and audiobooks, protective big brother, family, duty, secrets, revelations, supercars, planes, yachts and rockets, confessions, private islands, and of course, a happily ever after, because love always wins.


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