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About Elle
and her Books

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About Elle's Books

Grumpy bosses, Creative Grovellers, Snarky banterers...

 Just like we are all different, Elle's characters will be too.

She hopes they will feel real.

Flawed, insecure, broken maybe. But also kind, fun, loyal.

Any traits that you think of when you consider the people you know.


Because no one is perfect, and that's what makes us all human.


One thing every book will have though—love. However they get there, whatever the journey to it looks like, there will always be love.


That, Elle promises,



Love Always Wins



About Elle

Elle is a mum of two from the UK, who worked for many years as long haul cabin crew for an airline being lucky enough to travel to incredible places and meet interesting people.

She loves spinning, crystals, and those lucky waving cats, 'Maneki Neko'...

...And making DIY lists for Mr. N to complete, which he does very well because he believes he is the inspiration behind every main male character Elle writes and wishes to remain that way.

Sunset from the Airplane Window
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